Back to Black, Back to Chic!

'Back to Black, Back to Chic!'

One of 2013's hottest trend is the black-and-white-striped clothes! The proliferation of "prisoner's look' is all-over! And we have got to thank Marc Jacobs and Moschino - among others - for the takeover of this two-tone fashion! 
Here some pictures of the MJ's and MOSCHINO's Spring 2013 runways:

It had initially been felt like a blast from the past as a spectrum of the 1960s.

Whether horizontal or vertical, whether the predominant colour is black or white, it does not matter. The substantial fact is that stylists, celebrities, fashionistas and regular people on the streets have all taken part in bringing this trend back to life in today's world. After seasons of colour-blocking the world came back to black and white! And this trend is reflected on a lot of fashion items, including bags, shoes, coats, bikinis, frames, tables, cardigans and much more.

 And of course shoes! Nowadays striped shoes are super chic!

The good aspect is that I love stripes, and particularly black and white! And it is fair admitting that the motto of this spring season is likely to be: 'Keep it black, white and chic!'

With the Moschino campaign, Miranda Kerr (australian Victoria's Secret supermodel) has been seen as the promoter of the black-and-white pattern. 
Here below the pictures of the campaign:

Additionally, it jumps out at you how this lovely supermodel keeps up with the trend not just on the set of the photo shoot but also in real life. I really love the tight sexy dress she is wearing in the picture below (to the left) , but above all the fact that she also dressed her child with this latest spring-summer trend (in the picture at the top to the right): that black-and-white-striped shirt is adorable! .

 Lastly, amongst celebrities many are in step with this overwhelming 2013 fashion trend!


Emma Watson

Jennifer Lopez 

Lindsay Lohan

Kendall Jenner

To keep it up, girls, is fortunately not hard! I am sure many of you have black-and-white-striped pieces in the closet. However, in case you do not or you are longing for updates and new in-theme clothing, check out the links below and their favourable and convenient prices: 


MIU MIU BAG Generic Banner 728x90

I have recently been given a MIU MIU clutch, and I think it is gorgeous! I adore it for its simple design which at the same time is very girly and for the pink colour, to be more detailed it is an ancient pink colour enriched by golden hardware and two ribbons at the sides. Overall, a very classy bag.

I am so enthusiastic about this new article that I wanted to talk to you about it and to show you a very nice everyday casual outfit that perfectly combines with this high fashioned bag.

This is the wonderful and super chic bag I am referring to ( click on the picture to enlarge it ):

This is the outfit that goes well with the MIU MIU Bag:

The other amazing item I used in this OOTD is the Silver and Pink MK (Micheal Kors) watch. To know more about it (price included) check the link down below:


I really feel I have to apologise for the light of these picture, which by the way I took with my iPhone because I was lacking of my professional camera. 

New Photoshoot part II

Hi everyone! I posted few days ago the great work of the staff - photographer, hairstylist and makeup artist - in the recent fabulous photo shoot. I have few more pictures that have just been revealed, including backstage pictures which have been put together in a very nice collage, therefore I thought to share them with you! Hope you might like them as much as I do!  

I love these pictures particularly due to the black&white setting; I love old-fashioned pictures! In my view they have a charm that colour images do not have despite being also very good-quality pictures.

I also like a lot these two colour images: they really express my natural beauty...which is something for which I go crazy when I come across professionals pictures! Everything is kept intentionally simple: simple hair style, clothing, make-up! I simply love it! 

Lastly I will show you my backstage pictures and how much fun I had during the shoot! I enjoy posing and modelling more in general, but when it comes to the moment prior to the click of the camera I start laughing, and well, to be honest if the photographer is very likeable and funny with a very good sense of humour (such as in this case), that does not help! Everybody on the set is laughing! It creates such a loveable atmosphere and a cheerful day! 

I take the chance to thank again everybody on the set that day and to greet you all guys! 

Mirrored Sunglasses

Click the link below to find out more:

Probably you don't know it yet, but another accessory I particularly love are sunglasses. They are an essential accessory in our wardrobeand we definitely should not leave our home without them. Especially when it comes to going out in summer period, I would hardly suggest you to leave the house preferably without makeup but absolutely not without your favourite sunglasses ! 
Maybe you did not noticed it yet... However, according to my perspective, choosing the right sunglasses is a very important task for to reasons: 1) your external look (if you pick up the wrong glasses they might not enhance your distinctive traits) , 2) the health of your eyes, especially when during summer months the sun is particularly strong is of the utmost importance to protect them from solar rays!

About a month ago I bought a new pair of mirrored glasses. I already had one and I liked them so much that I decided to buy another pair, just to make provisions, you know.... as summer is getting proximate... 
Therefore girls, if you don't have yet a pair of mirror-like sunglasses it is time to start organising and preparing for this summer holidays! 

Mirrored glasses are a current fashion. Many are the fashionistas and celebrities wearing these lenses in a super chic manner. The mirrored-like lenses can be of different colours including grey, orange, green and blue, therefore it is undeniable that this trend is definitely for the most daring and for those who really want to be different. It doesn't matter if you use these sunglasses for casual attire or for more formal occasionsin any of these circumstances, they will make you look IN.

Here below I am wearing my new Spektre green mirrored sunglasses. Spektre is a Milan-based sunglasses brand since 2009 whose aim is that of sharing a product entirely thought, designed and handmade in Italy.

Ohh and I also bought a blue one! Love them!

Here below some pictures with ideas on how to wear this trend:

A true passion for shoes

I don't know about you girls, probably many of you go crazy for bags or rather for jewellery, but for what concerns me....I am a total shoe-addicted! 
I love all the shoes: flats, heels, wedges, pumps, boots, sandals... and to be really honest with you my wardrobe is basically made out of only shoes!! haha
There are some classics for which my love will never end, among them:

However, many other brand shoes have conquered a place in my heart: Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton ...just to name a few. Generally speaking my biggest passion is for pumps, because they help to enhance your beauty making you look taller and sexier! 

In terms of sporty shoes, these below are some of my favourite shoes:

In summer time I mostly wear sandals, flats or simply very cheap flip flops to go to the beach. At night, however, I go out and have fun wearing gorgeous heels, of course! ☺ 

Thousands shoes I have and thousands more I want to have! It is an universe of shoes for me! hahaha Besides, it is known that "the best outfit is not complete without the best pair of shoes"! And this is so true!! If you choose the wrong shoe you can mess up an entire look! The shoes are definitely the most important part of a clothing: the cherry on the cake! 

To stay on the topic check out this link where you can find brand shoes at affordable prices for really good deals! Let me know if you find something...

Among the brands: