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Hi everyone! I'm an Italian girl born an raised in a nice small town sited in the beautiful Tuscany region. I'm a sportswoman of 23 years old with a passion for fashion!

The Origin of my Blog briefly:
After a very long-time spent posting on Facebook to basically my closest friends and acquaintances I finally decided to begin my personal blog with the expectation of finding many more friends that might appreciate my lifestyle and my taste fashion-wise.
Therefore, I started sharing with the world my personal looks, views and opinions hoping that many people might like it and take inspiration from.
I also have a twitter account: follow me @FerrariChicblog.

Know more about me:
My name is Martina Ferrari. I'm an everlasting love-lover and I'm a fashion passionate from time immemorial.
My only certainty is my bedroom's closet.
I care a lot about all of my clothes, my shoes, my bags and the accessories, but I also care a lot about those of others, those that I see in a shop and those that I cannot even afford to buy.
In pictures I almost always stand alone because I love to and because I want all the details to stand out.
I often wear tennis shoes because I find them comfortable, but at night I never give up wearing heels; I love to show off.
I'm in love with love, but I have not yet found the right person.
I'm tidy and I'm very proud of that, so mum doesn't get angry.
I'm blonde with green eyes, but I ought to lose few pounds in order to like myself more.
I'm very romantic; I'm touched by love movies, love songs and by anything that has to do with this feeling.
I adore watches, big ones and those that are a little too small to be able to read the time. They remind me that time has not to be wasted but that love is timeless.
I love the sea and I could not live without having it close. I love dawns and sunsets, caresses and kisses.
A black bag is indispensable in my life.
My wardrobe is far too small for all the things it is supposed to contain.
I throw away just a few things, because fashion comes back and memories as well.
I'm a cheerful person but at the same time melancholic.
I'm good within a group but I'm better alone.
I'm moody; I often change my mind but I'm by nature a traditionalist.

My name is Martina and I'm confident about who I am.
My name is Martina and I will be glad to let you in into my closet and my fashion world.