Out with friends

Hi guys! I want to share with you last night's OOTD when I went out with some friends of mine. Despite it was such a cold night I did not give up a pair of shorts despite I knew it was kind of risky because when it gets extremely cold you have no other option than to freeze your legs (which is good for circulation though..hahaha ..joking)
However, with the "smart move" of wearing a 40 denier stockings, I matched my bright shorts with a feminine black blouse with see-through sleeves who noticeably combine very well with my black clutch.

What it is really fundamental in this outfit - as it is for most of any respectable look - are the accessories! Look at how two long necklaces ( of different lengths) enrich the look!
So here it is, hope you'll like it! Cheers!

The Mall

With a lovely sunny day, I got really inspired to do some shopping in one of the best outlets: THE MALL.  Arranged in different buildings, inside it has many big brand names such as Gucci, Burberry, Prada... and more, including:

I would highly recommend to all of you to come and visit my beautiful country, Italy, not just for our excellent cuisine but also for "la moda" (fashion). 

In case you might like to go to this amazing outlet, I'll leave you the link here below:

Cheetah girl

Today it is the fourth day of Viareggio's carnival. Going to the floats parade is a real challenge, for there are a lot of people and you are supposed to be standing over a long-hour period. That is why I chose a comfortable look but decided to add a touch of cheetah print just to keep the mood of dressing up for carnival! 

Usually, most people are wearing costumes at carnival and the animal print is always a trend (usally fake fur costumes), nevertheless, since I didn't have my carnival costumes at my disposal this day I opted for a comfy, casual look just to keep to the topic.

I am sure that with this touch of animal print I will not pass unnoticed.What do you think? Can you perceive my carnival and cheerful spirit through this OOTD? I adore animal prints! particularly when it comes to the Leopard print!

Hope you like it! 

Sun glasses: Okley
down: Toy G
Suit pants: Toy G
shoes: Zara

CARNIVAL: Dressed like a man

Hello guys! I just spent a great Tuesday!
Carnival has, in fact, just begun and we are in the middle of its celebration! 
I've always wanted to try to change gender for a pair of hours and that is why this year I went for a manly look, trying to recreate every detail, such as the moustache for example.
What do you think about it? Do I look like a man?

It has been really fun for me creating this look, and I grant you that avoiding to spend a lot of money you will be able to recreate a similar one too! Whether it is for a costume party, carnival or any other even you won't pass unnoticed with this costume idea! 
Besides, it is very sexy and I promise you you won't lose your sex appeal, on the contrary, you can still maintain you femininity!     
Happy Carnival to everyone!

Ps: the Carnival I'm taking part in is the Viareggio's Carnival, in my opinion one of the most entertaining carnivals ever!
If you wish to know more about it check it out here and who knows? I might see you there! 

For everybody who might be interested to know more about my past carnival ideas I post here below a quick summary of my past customs. Hope you might like them! 

Lacking a carnival costume or eager to buy a new one? Check out the link below:


Relax in Zanzibar

Hello everyone!
This long absence is due to a trip I recently did to the beautiful city of Zanzibar.
It has been a unique experience.
I left my hometown alone to the discovery of a part of Africa (since it was my dream) and came back recharged, joyful and full of life, filled with all the big smiles and lovely eyes that this continent offers.
I want to show you some photos of this marvellous trip.
I hope you will enjoy them!