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Increasingly more people want to look chic and at their best while on the workplace.
Fortunately, many are the choices that current trends offer to dress chic at work. The good aspect of having many possibilities from which to choose, is that you will certainly find the option that you will like and that might suit you the most. Check them out!


Loose-fitting, sportswear-inspired pants offer a great comfort in the office which is the best part: after a long day at work, they are so comfortable that  you will not even want to change into sweats! I personally love this look and would highly recommend it because it is loose an yet at the same time if matched with the right tops, shoes and accessories it will allow you to maintain your femininity. Probably my #1 favourite! 


These menswear-inspired pants are a really sophisticated and sexy form of trousers. They can be perfectly combined with tops and blouses. I adore this really 70's look! Above all, I like the fitting, particularly because it helps giving the illusion of a slender stomach and a petite waist! 


Named for its shape: long and slim like a pencil, this slim-fitting skirt can be worn either as a separate part of clothing or as part of a suit. The piece of clothing introduced in 1940's by the French designer Christian Dior, has become very famous particularly for office wear. 
I think every woman should have a pencil skirt in her wardrobe due to its versatility. Generally just below the knee (but there are also shorter models) it suits basically every woman's body shape. I like this type of skirt since wether is black or coloured, longer or shorter, every single woman looks gorgeous while wearing it! Have a look!



Similarly to the pencil skirt this type of office wear is tailored to be tight for a close fit. I am not talking about the same sexy tight dress that many of us girls use to go to pubs and night clubs, which sometimes, (let's admit it) are a little bit too short. I am referring to a daily dress - a bit longer and usually monochrome - that sometimes can also have a pattern on it which, with a pair of nice shoes (usually low heels) and a nice jacket, allows many women to quickly and easily get dressed and be ready to go to work. Additionally, there is no doubt that this is probably the most feminine and chic office wear. A "must" in my opinion is the LBD  (Little Black Dress) due to its handiness in being matched with coloured or patterned clothing and accessories.

Last but not least,

This is another "must" clothing in a woman's closet, particularly with regard to a black tailleur. No matter what the current trends, the professional suit (tailleur in French) is always in style! Wearing a suit - regardless of the colour, size, shape, fabric - is always a very smart choice: you can never go wrong! 

Many celebrities know this very well and adopted this smart choice:

Since women entered the workforce in 1960's trends in women's business suits haven't change much over time, on the contrary, styles have been recycled thereby with the help of a seamstress, old suits can be put in better shape just through small alterations. 

In case you are looking for office wear, here below some suggestions at good prices.

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