Almost new year 2013...

Hello guys! I have just arrived in the capital of fashion: Milan. It is here where I decided to end this year 2012 and start a super chic year 2013! Best wishes to all of you!

What I bought yesterday: the Gucci bag

Hi guys! In this outfit I really wanted to show off my recent purchase: the Gucci bag. I love this model since it's one of the classics and I propose you an OOTD that combines well with this wonderful bag!

Have a look at the accessories of this look!
 And here it is my simple make up: a blue eyeliner. Yes I know, very simple, maybe too simple for some of you but the message I want to spread with this poor touch of makeup is that "we are young and beautiful naturally therefore it is not necessary to wear kilos of makeup to look chic and neat"!

Make up just hast to help us emphasising our natural beauty!

Ps: I'll post tomorrow the look of tonight! 
Happy new year 2013! Stay tuned! 
White Sweater: Zara
Jacket: Benetton
Trouser: Fornarina
Shoes: no brand
Bag: Gucci (this model here)


Today I'll be going out with a friend of mine just to have a chat and take a coffee... I decided to wear a winter grey colour and to add a pump of yellow since the day it's lovely and the sun is warming my winter, making it less cold than usual.

Nothing too much elaborate but I'm always willing to show my femininity: i love being a woman! I also went for a yellow makeup: something light, something that will make the green colour of my eyes stand out...

 I'm of the opinion that these pastel colours make my light winter skin-tone shine. I normally like to be tanned but this OOTD made me realise how much I also appreciate a lighter skin-tone colour! 

Moreover, I'll confess you how I find this look comfortable and warm thanks to the sweater and the yellow shoes whose heel is not very high but which I really find perfect for a coffee time.

To add a shiny accessory I decided to opt for this headband with a little ribbon on top, very girly.
Here it is my light yellow makeup...

Grey sweater: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Yellow Bag: Aldo
Yellow Shoes: Aldo

Under the moonlight...

Can you recall "Breakfast at Tiffany's", movie dating back to the 1961? Have you ever desired that Audrey Hepburn look? Here I am proposing again that same classy look.... tooo chic! Check it out!

My makeup in detail.

Here the accessories in detail.

I am really fond of the "Chignon"! 

 I don't know about you my friends, but I love this hairdo.
Let me know what do you think! 

Total Black with dark denim trouser

It's strange how intermediate seasons (autumn and spring) no longer exists... Let's just take this day as an example: today, 28th of December I went on the beach and surprisingly it wasn't as cold as I expected, there must have been minimum 16 degrees. 
And, with a bright sunshine that reddens the cheeks and brackish air I feel like suggesting you the perfect outfit for the occasion. Simple but with a pinch of elegance to which a woman cannot give up. It's up to you to comment! 

Black Jacket: Benetton
Blouse: Forever 21
Jeans: Benetton
Shoes: Pollini
Sunglasses: Tom Ford (model alike here)
Bag: Bluegirl (Bluemarine)